2 in a row

I find it nice, that we don’t have to dance the dance society is expecting everyone to follow. That we, are as organic and as natural as our own little selves. I like it that we don’t have any inhibitions in regards to the vulgarity of a subject, or our language. we simply say whatever … Continue reading

dusting this off

I haven’t been actively blogging lately. will post a lot of stuff and I am thinking if making this blog a collection on sunsets and sunrises and other artsy pics. maybe thoughts aren’t really supposed to be verbalized at all times (it gets me in trouble) haha. cheers! summer has ended. writing season begins.

Random Things

“Losing a whole year…” Stephan Jenkins’ trademark falsetto rings inside my head. My old and tired sbh40 still works like a charm in terms of convenience, although the battery life has seen better days. It has outlived several earphones through the course of its lifetime though, prompting my brother to tell me to have it … Continue reading


The nbs bonus watercolors… Kind of hard to work with. I like em vivid but i don’ have enough skill for that yet. Will keep practicing

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