The carapace has cracked, though the surface where the light bounces from seems clear, serene lies an undertow of wrongful fire, the tumult know nothing of. It reflects in their eyes. Though tough, it gave way when he gave in, unsettling crystal and miles of thought. A perplexed form emerges, once pondered complete ‘from the … Continue reading


Ako ay nasa isang kanto sa tabi ng waiting shed diyan sa may C-5. Naiinis dahil ayaw sumindi ng lighter ko. Malamig, at tila nananadya pa ang hangin. “Bakit ba hindi tumatalab ang jacket ko amp!” sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko. Malamig pero hindi naman ako nangangatog. Nagtataka ako kung bakit wala pa … Continue reading

The Final Masterpiece

“What’s happening to me?” Jason asked himself. He came into this realization after waking up to a morning of emptiness. Two naked women whom he couldn’t remember the names of. The scent of alcohol on the sheets of his bed. The lingering smell of sex the morning after. All he could do was stare at … Continue reading

It Ends with a Joke

“Hey Harv, how you been?” The familiar voice from the other end of the line said. “You know me. Just fine and dandy. Marcy is doing fine, I come by every now and then to cook for her and see how she’s doing.” “So how is she?” Harvey took a long puff from his cigarette, … Continue reading

It Started with a Joke

It started on a day like any other. “Hey Vance! When will you be coming back to the Philippines?” “Hey! Hey! No questions like that in front of his girl alright? Let’s just enjoy this despedida party of his!” Marcy… the murmurs of the despedida party didn’t seem to take hold on Harvey. She was … Continue reading