Potato Bacon Wedges

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I really love bacon.  This one is a regular dish whenever I host a bacon party.  Easy to prepare, easy on the budget and easy on the eyes.  Hell, it is bacon.  It is already synonymous to tasty/succulent/sumptuous and all the other words you can think of on the same plane.  The potatoes add that squishy crunch to that sweet sweet arrangement.  The cheese… yes, the toasted cheese.  I used two kinds here.  The quickmelt and the sandwich squares.  I bet it would taste really good with mozzarella.


Potato (whole, medium or small)
Cheese (the ones that melt)
Spring Onions (optional)

Prep the potatoes by washing and cutting in to wedges.  You can go thin or thick, depending if you want it to be crispy or french fry-ish in texture.  Spread some butter or some oil on top to help.  I used a turbo broiler for this one.  Max temp was 240 degrees Celsius at 30 minutes.  I have also tried it using an oven toaster, 10-15 minutes works.  The oven cooked it well at 280 degrees in 20-25 minutes.  I will test it out using a microwave next time.  You will know if your potato wedges are done when they have opened up like a flower in bloom.  To make it crunchier, add more butter and put it back in for an additional 10 minutes.

Slice your bacon to match the wedges and stuff them in between.  Put back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes until cooked.  They will still be soft at this point.  If you want it a little crunchier, then cook it some more.

Once you are done, put cheese on top.  Don’t be stingy.  Put a lot.  You can torch the top or stuff it back in the oven/broiler/toaster.  5-10 minutes should suffice.  I like mine a little toasted so I don’t remove until it is a little brownish on top.

Garnish and serve!  (it is usually gone in about 5 minutes).  The time ratio of preparation versus consumption is never equal.


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