Chew It

Dave took it to heart.  Normally, he would walk around like he doesn’t really care about whatever happens just as long as she stays with him.  He’ll stick to what he thinks he deserves…in a sense.

“hey… why so quiet?” Faith asked him.  They were sitting beside each other, quietly eating their popcorn while watching a movie they’ve seen dozens of times.

“oh, nothing.  I’m fine.  Just watching the movie… who knows?  We might find an Easter egg of sorts.” 

Liar.  A tiny voice told him.  He was still mulling over the guy he saw by the elevator.  He faintly smelled of Faith’s perfume.  He wouldn’t really mind it if it were some other scent… but Faith has peculiar tastes.  Alyssa Ashley’s Musk.  Not too easy to come by around these parts.

That guy is familiar, he thought.  He has seen him more than a few times in the building.  Probably a tenant, too.  It is really hard to say since their schedules are so far apart.  He worked nights and she worked in the mornings.  They barely even had enough time to say hello because when he gets home, she is prepping to leave.  Does he visit her whenever he is at work?

“I never get tired of this movie…” she was stuffing popcorn in her mouth.  This casual habit of hers where she holds a half a mouthful on one cheek and chews with the other made her look like a hamster. He smiled and rubbed her chin.  “That’s a nice hamster…”

“This is our movie!  Be serious!” she was cross-eyed and was making a kooky face while she was saying this. 
A deep sigh escaped his mouth.  “Are you still mine?” he thought.  He pinched her nose as she nibbled on some more popcorn.

Her phone on the table started to vibrate.  He paid it no mind.  She gave her a loving headbutt and took the phone.  “Aren’t you gonna answer that?” Dave asked.

She shrugged.


The faint light from her phone was giving her face a pinkish glow.  At that moment her face changed.  It could’ve been a contemplating look… or something else.  Her eyes moved from the phone and then over to him.  A weak smile peeked from the side of her face.

He lit up a cigarette and walked over to the porch.  “Tonight won’t make a difference”, he thought.  As long as she stays here with him.

She didn’t move an inch and just sat there looking at the phone ring… chewing slower.


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