Beatless Dystopia, recolored

Beatless Dystopia, recolored

I forget her name. An hIE android from the series


4 thoughts on “Beatless Dystopia, recolored

  1. I gather from your tags that you use a sketchbook pro… how do you like it? What is the drawing program overall like? I’ve been using a wacom tablet and MangaStudio Ex 4 – the only annoyance for me is that I can’t set the background to “transparent” – what about in the program you use? Hope you don’t mind my asking.

    • you have to make separate layers for each… but yeah, you can change the opacity settings to make them translucent at least. otherwise, make a separate layer for each. separate skin from hair and clothing and a separate for the background
      at least that is how i do it. Sketchbook pro on the tablet is pretty good actually… i have it both on my ipad 2 and the note. (also on my mobile phones)

      • I do everything on a separate layer, and can remove the white background in Photoshop, but then it loses some of its crispness. Forums the internet over all note MangaStudio’s shortcoming in this respect. Since my drawings are for digital use and not print. A transparent background is actually kind of a big deal for me. Maybe I’ll look into sketch book pro…

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