WIP: Gundam Lenneth



I am planning the armor parts and filling up the empty spaces.  I hand vectored Lenneth to try and get a visual on what is currently possible to do.  Scratch-building can be so tough.  #exasperated


8 thoughts on “WIP: Gundam Lenneth

  1. That looks great! I balk at drawing anything mechanical – I have a hard time really making parts look like they “fit” rather than just being clumsily next to each other.

    • hey thanks! I try to separate the lines… i don’t know how to explain it… usually it starts with basic 3d shapes slapped together on 1 layer… and then keep redrawing over it until i get the effect that i want.

    • well, study what you can through youtube videos, how-to’s and the like, and practice with a lot of shapes. customization takes a lot of time and patience. i guess the best advice I can give you is to start small and work your way up to the bigger grades. 1/144 first to 1/100. I got overwhelmed because i started with the Master Grades and am currently back to the smaller 1/144’s. ^_^

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