Closed Circuit

Luna dropped a tear,
peculiar… yet, singular.
Face-first and keeping form,
it falls on concrete earth
to split a hundred-fold
Salt should stay
inside your eyelids or glands~
whatever you want to call
the vestibules of the soul…
Keep them inside.
Sudden split, like mytochondriae
thus the laws of electricity define:
there’s a positive and a negative
charge in any closed circuit;
this breadboard will fail.
Plus wants out,
while Minus wants to stay.
Together, they spark violently.
Such is bipolarity.
They cannot be… or shouldn’t.
We pass, through capacitors
and resistors hoping,
we could make that LED shine…
or flicker…
or glow at least.
This place, where polarities meet;
remain hidden with the cover on.
Should saline fall on my circuit;
currents will clash,
as polarities meet prematurely.
Sparks would fly and the,
the burnt smell of semiconductors
shall enter the nostrils.
Then again, I envy the fumes…
free-floating, till inhaled.

Old work from 2010, found at that old forum I used to haunt.


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