The job hunt goes on…


The job hunt goes on.  Most likely it will be another case of choosing between the type of work you have built your career on versus the jobs you would like because it has been your dream.  Finding the middle ground between convenience, practicality and if such can be achieved is difficult.  It isn’t impossible though.  A month ago I was pursuing only the jobs I would’ve liked to have.  Something that didn’t involve handling calls or anything front end.  I was applying for writing jobs and graphic design jobs.  Clearly, I didn’t have any experience in any of those so it would be impractical for me to demand the previous rate I was getting in my last job.

A 50% pay cut just wouldn’t be feasible for me.  Now, I ain’t really choosy but I do have a kid to support.  As pompous as I have been recently, I do have responsibilities to provide for.  Obnoxious as it may sound, I wasn’t really ready to accept anything below 30k php a month. (around 700$)

So I gave up on making my dreams my mainstream goal.  I can always write and draw on the side and figure out how to make money off it later on.  I was an underdog in every application.  Given the fact that I only graduated High School and I have a really low attention span.  My eccentricities just keep adding up.  I have long realized that my last job embraced most of my weirdness at the cost of a job I didn’t really like.  Although I was really exceptional with it, it wore me out.  I decided to stay on the career path that I enjoyed the most: The IT field.

Now, being a geek by nature, I fell along the lines of INTJ on the Myers-Briggs spectrum.  I had to play to my strengths.  What my past supervisor liked about me was that I had always been aware of my faults and I have always played to my strengths.  She knew it was an active effort on my part not to fall asleep at work, or not to be snappish at slower people that can’t keep up.  She always told me to slow down.  Radical decisions and risks helped fix some aspects of my shortcomings but something else always pops up.  Like a car where you have one thing fixed but another part gets broken, I was giving up.

I gave up eventually, in a not-so elegant fashion.  I took away things from the equation like travel time, personal interactions with people; I took myself out of the rat race and slowed down.  Silly move, really.  I admit it was an inconvenience to the people who depended on me but I had to do something before I snapped to the point of no return.  I think I may have found the balance between the things I need to do.  I am slowly getting there.  Hopefully I can choose the more sensible option once the job offers come in.  All I can do is wait.

Money isn’t everything.


2 thoughts on “The job hunt goes on…

  1. My last job was medical billing – which I hated. Boring as can be. Routine. Mundane. But it was close to home (5-10 minutes tops) and I was grateful they even hired me (I only have an Associates in Liberal Arts and Sciences – about as general as it gets).

    I traded that in for a job in a library half an hour away with a heck of commute. Half the job is still invoicing, but now I can also make promotional materials, flyers and such, and also help with public programming.

    Something like a job can never completely satisfy us, I guess. *Sigh*

    • it is hard to cope sometimes. Now I just got accepted in one of them online thingies and another corporate job is on the works. Another bank… but hell of a lot closer to home than the previous and it paid about the same amount. I hope it works out. It is so hard to have really bad attention spans and I am beginning to believe I am bipolar too. Haha

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