The carapace has cracked though the surface;

where the light bounces from, seems clear, serene.

Lies an undertow of wrongful fire the tumult know

nothing of.  It reflects in their eyes.

Though tough, it gives way when he gave in,

unsettling crystal and miles of thought.


A perplexed form emerges, once pondered complete

from the outside, yes‘ it bitter-quips, smiling.

Crawling out from Umbra’s deepest shade, it recites

the sounds of the waves to invoke the dawn.

It is because of this sun I remained in the shadows…

shutters closed in a sound proof room.


Emerge. Colored wings sprout from nothingness

chasing shadows with light set back a decade ago.

Tilting chin up, blue mirrors reflect heavenly passing

as if musing some puzzle it  just  concluded.

Shifting tongues, he let fade the drowning sun

Au Revoir, Le Doux Cauchemar c’est fini…


Untethered, he drops the feeble form that burdened

his wings.  Something was coming, some torrent.

It beckons, draws him close but he was willing

even if it was some strong force he hasn’t seen.

I am tangible because of this northward moon,

which shed new light and fire…


for when it came:


It caught me between a half-breath and a sigh.


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