Challenge Accepted!

This week was a real whirlwind.

Glenda. ANZ. Thumbtack.

I got accepted on one of them online work from home thingies as a snippet writer for Thumbtack.  Pay is good/fair.  Work is good/fair.  I also passed the final interview at ANZ today and am now awaiting my job offer.  Both right after Glenda hit.

Challenge accepted.

I had a goal in mind:  Work two jobs that are unrelated to each other.  TT is flexible while ANZ is more on a rotating shifting kinda thing.  Hopefully, weekends are off.  I plan to work my arse off the next few years to compensate for slacking off.  Then get a car.  Then get a house.

Well, at least that is the plan.  I can always give up one of them if it gets too stressful for me.  Obviously, keeping the work from home gig is the wiser, less-stressful choice but working for an actual company has it pros.

1.  Healthcard for me and my kid.
2.  Insurance for me.3.  Stability.
4.  They have a soccer team. (LOL)

This just might be the craziest thing I do for money… but we all have to do what we have to do.  Until we figure out something more efficient and more rewarding.  That elusive niche where I find fulfillment.  I will find you.  I just have to keep trying.


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