New Job

Oh wow…  It is kind of mentally draining.  The travel time sucks the soul out of me these past few days.  The intermittent nature of my internet connection is driving me nuts because I can’t be productive on the other one.  I kind of missed this feeling where your brain is so numb it kind of takes away one’s power to write.  My brain is drained from all the new stuff being jammed through my eyes and ears.

I have developed bad squinting moments every now and then.  I fall asleep in public transportation too.  I guess I am lucky I still have my stuff with me.  My dignity won’t waver though.  I chose this over all that senseless dating I spent months and months on end.

In a way… it kind of feels good.  Tired and drained… in a sensible way. In a more fulfilling way.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up.