Cultivate your contemplations

in an inebriated fashion;

the type that emulates touch

and tempts me to stay.

Hold back:

We are just two bodies

waiting to touch


on whomever the other is touching.


pen art


i just sold my tablet so i am stuck with good old pen and paper. Throwback?

Maybe.  I have always been fascinated by the pen artists. The doodlers with their sharpies. How the seemingly chaotic ensemble makes sense as a whole.  I started this piece around three weeks ago.  It pretty much started with my failed attempt to draw an elephant. They face followed on the upper left. and then the girl on the lower left.

I have a lot of scratch paper done in a similar fashion… to be placed in the follow up bin of trash. And then it hit me:

“Why not try to finish up all the blank spaces on the paper. Just you and your red ball-point pen. Yes, that thing you purchased at 7-11 because you wanted to use the cap and the metal part as a thruster for that gundam you have haven’t completed.”

Random stuff started showing up in the form of scribbles and doodles and shapes. Mostly of things that I observed or thought about that particular day I decided to draw something on it. The thing was filled with mistakes and the beauty of it all was that I can’t pinch in or out for zooming.  I can’t hit ctrl+Z to undo.  I can’t add a layer to protect it from mistakes.

Like pretty much how real life is.  We all draw on it with a permanent thing or we use a pencil, which can’t be erased. You can’t totally erase the pencil marks if you wanted to.  There will always be ghosts haunting you from the background. I used to think that pen and ink demanded perfection. (and they do, mind you)

We keep drawing and drawing anyway. On the third week, I finally finished up most of the paper and the pen was now empty. Looking at it now… the collection of mistakes is now something you can actually look at with all the things going on in there. I remember all the famous doodlers like kirby, and I did get some inspiration from him which pretty much filled up the right side.

I try to remember when was the last time I actually made an attempt to complete something like this.  I should start doing something like this and apply it to the other things I start. Even if I started them half-heartedly.

It’s a chaotic mess alright… but it seems complete to me.  Til the next piece of paper, and the next cheapo pen from the convenience store.

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