broken no more

So I took with me to a place i didn’t really want to visit, a broken laptop, a broken watch and a heart that remembers. Queue in Savage Garden Music “I don’t know you anymore”. I never thought I’d be able to get a feel of how the song was really like.

But like all things, when sufficient time has passed, aren’t what you remember them to be. I had been suppressing Baguio in my head for the longest time and it had garbled my memories about them. locations of things and places aren’t where they ought to be. I passed by the house of the ex and not so surprisingly, she wasn’t there. She’s married now. (remember that)

I just had to come effin’ visit. So I took the jeep back to Session Road where most of my singular memories where. It was oddly good. I will make new memories here. This will be the last time I mention her… but it won’t be the last time I visit this place.

(fast-forward one year)

I can’t believe I gave up someone over a fraud. Cheers to someone who promises better expectations. I will keep a note to myself to look beyond that rough patch I so fear to tread. She’d probably say: “I told you so.”


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