I don’t have the words

Sometimes, I have not the words.
No word enough to justify,
or give meaning that gives justice
to how i feel. For how you feel;
blankets me like some armor
and makes me invincible.
I can face anything that can come.

most times, I won’t have the words,
to woo you with. It won’t have the same
capacity as these hands and this body can;
The way these lips want to kiss
every bit of skin, or as how these hands
would like to hold yours.
It won’t have the same weight.

a few times, I might have the words
that can give an inkling of the depth;
of how immersed I am in your thoughts.
On how each word you write is carved upon
this heart of mine… and it is enough
to permeate the walls i have erected.
Those words are but a reflection.

there are times, when spoken word
will never be enough. I will sing
with whatever my vocal cords can muster
in the hopes that it reaches you…
that you can feel it in every dip and rise
and articulation of the feelings
i try so hard to verbalize.

I want to turn you in to literature.
That I may read and understand and digest.
I want to flip each page with care
that reflects my admiration for your work.
I want to read you through and through,
and when i’m done… i’ll read you again
just so I can relive that happy ending.

and realize:
I don’t have the words because…
you have them.


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