Hanggang dun na lang ba tayo?

Poor Lea. Dinale ng kababawan ng madla. A lot of the reasons why a lot of folks don’t like watching ‘our own’ is because of the shallowness and kababawan of the themes. OPM is dying because producers are only supporting ‘re-makes’ of popular actors/actresses. Almost everything original is dying. Even Gary V’s kid pointed it out. Cynthia Alexander left the country because of lack of support.

And anything seemingly original they make gets drawn out to epic lengths to the point that it loses it’s original vale. (mano po series, enteng series, panday series, that series with jody and the chief). It would’ve been nice if they stuck to their original intended lengths, really. They are using themes too that easily suck the people in with their teeny-boppish, kilig and sexy scenes just for ratings. (ironically, from the bigger “family”-oriented networks)

Kung sabagay, the (mindless) young teens segment is the most profitable age segment in the marketing charts.

Wala nang kalidad halos talaga kahit saan ka tumingin (at least sa entertainment media). Parang kamada na nga actually eh. They are recycling whatever it is they earn to support what they have to make it look like their sales are high. And they even have really intelligent people behind all these with their higher ups asking them to dumb-down really beautiful plot lines just so that the ‘masses’ can understand.

I blame the current education system. It is too long and drawn-out.  (kindergarten, prep 1, prep 2, additional year in high school) arrrgggh.

Innovative books with powerful themes that are written by local authors are ignored over books written by MS3 that primarily deal with relationships, break-ups and unrequited love. I shake my head at the thought that these masterpieces gather dust while that other book became a best-seller.

Oh well. I’d pick Leah and Cynthia and Joey Ayala and all my favorite OPM bands that write their own music any day.  I hope General Luna survives this, too. I’m trying to remember one of his related quotes but I’ll just add that later. I’d probably get shot for this. Haha.

In her now immortal words:
“Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo?”

She wasn’t referring to just one thing. It was for EVERYTHING.


2 thoughts on “Hanggang dun na lang ba tayo?

  1. This is it! This is the much bigger social/cultural issue that everybody else seems to NOT recognize (or just don’t want to admit). Thank you.

    • Hey Dan, thanks for the nod of approval. I agree that a lot of people don’t really want to admit it. I think it is becoming a social and cultural issue that needs to be addressed.

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