Bang for the Buck Mcdonalds

McDonald’s isn’t, by anyone’s standards, the cheapest place to eat everyday. It surely is convenient… I can see colleagues blow php 200+ on a single meal. Over time, I have figured out a few less than php 100 meals at Mcdo to satisfy some of my urgent fast-food cravings. Here are few of my personal go-to meals:

  1. Cheeseburger Ala Carte and Spaghetti value meal. This used to be 50 php for the spaghetti with drink and 40 php for the burger. I am not too big a fan of fries as they are hard to burn. I think. haha
  2. McChicken Sandwich and upgrade to iced coffee. This one is about 70 php or so. Good for a quick fix. Add an apple pie and it is still less than 100 php.
  3. Ala Carte double cheeseburger. Less than a hundred before… i think it is slightly over 100 php now.  I’ll ask for water and a lot of ketchup.

I used to have 5 on the list but now it keeps getting smaller. *sigh* I use these variations for the other restaurants like kfc, jollibee and the like.

I still prefer to cook my own food though.