About the author

The author is pretty much a confused individual.  He has a really bad attention span and has been told he is bi-polar with ADHD.  I don’t believe it sometimes but since he likes to read, he is casually accepting the terms.  He likes to read Gaiman, Anne Rice, autobiographies and funny media.  He likes to write in different tones and voices with different perspectives.  He likes to draw on paper, on walls, on tablets and on any other media type he can get his grubby hands on.  He likes to imitate accents and speech patterns.  He like to watch all sorts of movies.  He enjoys B-Movies like kung-pow and weird foreign movies like HK: The forbidden superhero.  He likes to get lost in youtube and wikipedia like everyone else.  He likes to build gundams and fawns over them like an 8 year old.  He likes to scratchbuild robots with paperclips, HIPS, and other recycled everyday objects.  He loves video games but has vowed not to get too hooked on them. (LOL)  He loves soccer.  He likes to sing and he loves music.  He loves to cook and particularly loves bacon.  He likes to troll.

He has tried so many things and got lost trying to get them in order.  Hence, the blog.  He decided one day to put everything in one page (or link to them at least).

On a more personal note, he has a son whom he loves very much. ^_^


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