What is Aoi Yeux?

What is Aoi Yeux?

Aoi Yeux is my handle for such a long time now.  Aoi is Japanese for Blue.  Yeux is french for Eye.

It is a metaphor of sorts that represent a lot of things to me.  It means a whole lot of other things.

Aoi, the japanese word for blue, represents the color and the feelings associated with it.  They say blue is the color of sadness, or the sky and the sea.  I love them both, for their vastness.  How they can give you a sense of feeling and how they can be unforgiving as well.  It also represents my love for the Japanese Culture.  Be it in their aesthetic ways of thinking, wabi-sabi, anime/manga, robots.

Yeux, the french word for eye, represents… well, how I see things.  How I love art in all its forms.  Art itself is relative to the viewer.  It can be beautiful to one, and yet offensive to another.  I love the french culture too.  The Rococo Era.  The Renaissance.  What isn’t there to love about the French?  They, who value love, life and art.

Putting them together means a lot of things too.  You can derive a lot of things from it.  On a personal note, I don’t really feel the same way I did when I first came up with it.  *Shrugs*

I write.  I draw.  I build.  I also take pictures.

Things have changed.  ^_^


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