Bang for the Buck Mcdonalds

McDonald’s isn’t, by anyone’s standards, the cheapest place to eat everyday. It surely is convenient… I can see colleagues blow php 200+ on a single meal. Over time, I have figured out a few less than php 100 meals at Mcdo to satisfy some of my urgent fast-food cravings. Here are few of my personal go-to meals:

  1. Cheeseburger Ala Carte and Spaghetti value meal. This used to be 50 php for the spaghetti with drink and 40 php for the burger. I am not too big a fan of fries as they are hard to burn. I think. haha
  2. McChicken Sandwich and upgrade to iced coffee. This one is about 70 php or so. Good for a quick fix. Add an apple pie and it is still less than 100 php.
  3. Ala Carte double cheeseburger. Less than a hundred before… i think it is slightly over 100 php now.  I’ll ask for water and a lot of ketchup.

I used to have 5 on the list but now it keeps getting smaller. *sigh* I use these variations for the other restaurants like kfc, jollibee and the like.

I still prefer to cook my own food though.


Silent Starbucks

Silent Starbucks

Normally this place is bustling with people. I had the chance to visit this particular store. It is located along C5, Metropoli Dr, close to Eastwood, another favorite haunt.

Yeah, I am addicted to Starbucks. My favorite drink is a Venti Mocha Afogato Style Frappe with extra Hazelnut Syrup. No Whip. A lot of the baristas know be my name and joke around with me in at least three locations already. The ones at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, know me very well and I was Mayor (via FourSquare) in two locations at one point.

I miss the place already since I resigned from Chase. The good thing now is that I am able to work from home and from coffee shops at any time of the day. I love writing. I love art. I love the freedom. I guess there will be people that will never be satisfied as long as they are enclosed within a box.

I want a frappe. LoL

Bacon Lord’s Pie

I saw a few pics my sister made of her shepherd’s pie and I thought: “Why can’t the Bacon Lord have his own?”  Hence, the experiment.  I really like to experiment on Bacon and ever since I started hosting my Bacon Parties, that moniker stuck to me like glue.  I usually post my experiments on Facebook to tease my friends and I usually get a lot of comments damning me to hell. *snickers*  I like to post about these things to show my friends that you don’t have to spend a whole lot more jist to enjoy bacon specialty dishes.  This one cost about 200 PhP, (approx. $5) and has become popular back home.

So this is what we will need:

  • Potatoes (Medium-sized)
  • Bologna (I got the bologna ham)
  • Bacon (Purefood’s vita, the cheapest I could find)
  • Any Cheese that melts (Quickmelt will do.  Although, again, I imagine mozzarella would make it a mean dish, but expensive)


Now, the dish base is basically a gratuitous serving of mashed potatoes.  Just boil it until it gets all soft and mash-able.  Now, I didn’t use butter for it.  I used bacon oil.  Yes, I used bacon oil.  Just a little.  You don’t want it to get too soggy.  Salted it a bit, added some pepper and garlic.  Set it aside.


Now, let’s cross-thatch that bacon in to a proper mat.  Stuff in oven.  280 degrees Celsius should do it for about 20 minutes.  Cook the other side as well.  Chop up your bologna afterwards.   Basically we are just setting up the parts for it.


All fine and dandy when done.  Crunchy.  Now, the pictures I have here was the prototype.  Now, whenever I do the BLP (Bacon Lord’s Pie), I cut the bologna about the same size as the squares the bacon turned out with.  I arrange them like a chessboard.  Alternating squares.  We had a hard time cutting it because the mashed potato was too soft. (we didn’t let it set in the fridge, too eager)  I mean, who wouldn’t? (Yes, me and my bacon buddies are impulsive.)


I ran out of bacon for this one.  I used about 250Kg of bacon.  I suggest you use more.  Don’t be stingy.  Also, get a deeper dish to put all the good stuff in.  I arranged them in layers.  Mashed, ham and bacon, and so on until you run out.




Now, the cheese all good and toasted.  I was only able to make about two layers from two medium sized potatoes, 1 pack of bologna, 250 kilograms of Bacon and a brick of cheese.  I have used more now and it has exceeded the 200 PhP threshold.  There is a certain balance that comes with the taste (especially after I ate it coming off the fridge).  The mashed potatoes (that curiously tasted and smelled a bit of bacon, helped alleviate the natural saltiness of the bologna and the bacon.  It seemed to challenge the bacon for a spot at being the star.  Bacon is still bacon though… But still, this one can be shared by two people unless you are really greedy. (I know, I am)  Haha.  I will post more 200 Php meals soon.  ^_^

Potato Bacon Wedges

FB_IMG_13871133942911385 FB_IMG_13871150771157108

I really love bacon.  This one is a regular dish whenever I host a bacon party.  Easy to prepare, easy on the budget and easy on the eyes.  Hell, it is bacon.  It is already synonymous to tasty/succulent/sumptuous and all the other words you can think of on the same plane.  The potatoes add that squishy crunch to that sweet sweet arrangement.  The cheese… yes, the toasted cheese.  I used two kinds here.  The quickmelt and the sandwich squares.  I bet it would taste really good with mozzarella.


Potato (whole, medium or small)
Cheese (the ones that melt)
Spring Onions (optional)

Prep the potatoes by washing and cutting in to wedges.  You can go thin or thick, depending if you want it to be crispy or french fry-ish in texture.  Spread some butter or some oil on top to help.  I used a turbo broiler for this one.  Max temp was 240 degrees Celsius at 30 minutes.  I have also tried it using an oven toaster, 10-15 minutes works.  The oven cooked it well at 280 degrees in 20-25 minutes.  I will test it out using a microwave next time.  You will know if your potato wedges are done when they have opened up like a flower in bloom.  To make it crunchier, add more butter and put it back in for an additional 10 minutes.

Slice your bacon to match the wedges and stuff them in between.  Put back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes until cooked.  They will still be soft at this point.  If you want it a little crunchier, then cook it some more.

Once you are done, put cheese on top.  Don’t be stingy.  Put a lot.  You can torch the top or stuff it back in the oven/broiler/toaster.  5-10 minutes should suffice.  I like mine a little toasted so I don’t remove until it is a little brownish on top.

Garnish and serve!  (it is usually gone in about 5 minutes).  The time ratio of preparation versus consumption is never equal.