Sunset Fisherman

Sunset Fisherman

I took this picture at Puerto Galera in the Philippines. One of the few beaches I frequently go to simply because of the sunsets and the sunrises. I prefer the weekdays, when devoid of people. You can see the waves lapping at the beach when it has been thoroughly cleaned. You will hardly see any traces of the weekend, where it bustles the most.

There is something serene about this place. When after tourism has died down, the ordinary appears. The beauty resurfaces. You can see simple things like this and just be awed at how astonishing the ordinary can get. The vastness of the skies will can make any one slow down with cloud envy.

It is easy to fall in love here. It is easy to find yourself as well.

Silent Starbucks

Silent Starbucks

Normally this place is bustling with people. I had the chance to visit this particular store. It is located along C5, Metropoli Dr, close to Eastwood, another favorite haunt.

Yeah, I am addicted to Starbucks. My favorite drink is a Venti Mocha Afogato Style Frappe with extra Hazelnut Syrup. No Whip. A lot of the baristas know be my name and joke around with me in at least three locations already. The ones at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, know me very well and I was Mayor (via FourSquare) in two locations at one point.

I miss the place already since I resigned from Chase. The good thing now is that I am able to work from home and from coffee shops at any time of the day. I love writing. I love art. I love the freedom. I guess there will be people that will never be satisfied as long as they are enclosed within a box.

I want a frappe. LoL

Keep staring at the horizon

Keep staring at the horizon

I see a lot of people who no longer do this. They keep their heads down. Looking at their feet. Seemingly content with the place they are in. I have seen a lot of people who have just given up out of practicality. They make way for other people to realize their dreams.

How many times are we just going to let people have their way around us? We step back, in to our comfort zones, for those people who are taking risks. People who, look back at you, because they made it. You don’t owe it to them to thank you for making a way for them to realize their dreams. They don’t owe you a debt for doing so either.

I see a lot of people afraid to take the risk and jump to that unforeseeable unknown. We were like children once. Always looking ahead. Always looking beyond our current position. What happened along the way?

I look at my son’s picture and I remember how it is to be like him. Curious. Never afraid to fail, or get hurt. It isn’t in his vocabulary yet. How did it get in to ours?

It isn’t about closing your eyes and taking the risk. It is about keeping our eyes open, without fear, and going forward wherever it leads us. It is about that conscious choice to take the steps that should eventually lead to where we want to go. Our feet will never move if we don’t look forward.

Let’s all aim for our dreams. Remember how it is to be a child again.