Keep staring at the horizon

Keep staring at the horizon

I see a lot of people who no longer do this. They keep their heads down. Looking at their feet. Seemingly content with the place they are in. I have seen a lot of people who have just given up out of practicality. They make way for other people to realize their dreams.

How many times are we just going to let people have their way around us? We step back, in to our comfort zones, for those people who are taking risks. People who, look back at you, because they made it. You don’t owe it to them to thank you for making a way for them to realize their dreams. They don’t owe you a debt for doing so either.

I see a lot of people afraid to take the risk and jump to that unforeseeable unknown. We were like children once. Always looking ahead. Always looking beyond our current position. What happened along the way?

I look at my son’s picture and I remember how it is to be like him. Curious. Never afraid to fail, or get hurt. It isn’t in his vocabulary yet. How did it get in to ours?

It isn’t about closing your eyes and taking the risk. It is about keeping our eyes open, without fear, and going forward wherever it leads us. It is about that conscious choice to take the steps that should eventually lead to where we want to go. Our feet will never move if we don’t look forward.

Let’s all aim for our dreams. Remember how it is to be a child again.




I wonder what is going on through his mind? Here is a picture of Ioshua, walking around Serendra. He had this look about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I often wonder how someone like me was able to create such a beautiful thing. I see him and I see joy. Somehow, amidst the chaos and the madness all around me I can’t help but think to myself that I am lucky. I am blessed. He will always be my joy and inspiration.