Random Things

“Losing a whole year…” Stephan Jenkins’ trademark falsetto rings inside my head. My old and tired sbh40 still works like a charm in terms of convenience, although the battery life has seen better days. It has outlived several earphones through the course of its lifetime though, prompting my brother to tell me to have it replaced. 

“It has survived 5 cellphones though.” I tell him jokingly. I know that I can afford the next upgraded model of this but I didn’t really see the point. I wanted either a new cellphone or that iPad pro I often visit at the mall.

Good old Third Eye Blind, I thought to myself. I loved their first album a lot and knew their songs by heart. It felt oddly arranged as though the songs felt like a story of sorts. Like someone reminscing about a past relationship.

It felt like 500 Days of Summer somewhat. The progression of the narrative moved back and forth through particular times over the course of the relationship. I am thinking that 3eb’s album kind of fit Tom and Summer’s doomee relationship. Well at least, some of the songs there.

I’m looking at her profile again though same way I am talking to her again after a year of silence. I can always count on her to be the same. There is an ache somewhere I can’t describe. London and Motorcycle Drive-by seems like a scary thought. So much so that it feels like The God of Wine will keep me company again, or All Time Low’s Remembering Sunday. 

So many thoughts pile up while I am standing inside the MRT, waiting for my stop. The songs cycling through at random in my 300 or so playlist. Little Missy might be turning in her sleep.

Here goes my stop. Thanks for reading.