The Bacon Lord

I jokingly called myself the “Lord of Bacon” from Bacon Fell.  (GoT Referenced)  I just love that series.  It the job title on my Facebook page.  Since I have been hosting bacon parties annually (and for some reason, odd times of the year), people have been referring to me whenever the topic goes to bacon.  I have armed myself over the years with different recipes gathered from around the net and some creations of my own already.

What is it about Bacon?

I wouldn’t know.  I will state that I don’t eat bacon on a regular basis.  I do try to imbibe in my bacon fantasies every now and then.  Most of the time, only with an audience.  I love to troll FB and post about bacon whenever dinner is coming up, or if I know someone is going out of town or whatnot.  I like to feed people with my creations mostly.  I love it when they gorge themselves with whatever I cooked for them.  Feeds me too.  It’s like you made someone happy momentarily. (and miserable when they aren’t there with you, tasting them things)  ^_^

I am the Bacon Lord of Quezon City.  Where Bacon Fell.


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